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Bathroom Accessories

We are offering here the Bathroom Accessories of various types that are made for use in the various commercial and residential bathrooms. These bathroom essentials are your regular use accessories. The bathroom is one of the most used spaces in the house, and its important to keep it clean and tidy. These accessories are easy to use and made for efficient and long term use. They are easy to clean and made in various colors and designs for suiting the taste and requirement of the people. The Bathroom Accessories can also be used as gifting purposes to the new house owners. 

AE-802 Bathroom Set

AE-803 Bathroom Set

AE-804 Bathroom Set

AE-805 Bathroom Set

AE-806 Bathroom Set

AE-807 Bathroom Set

AE-808 Bathroom Set

AE-810 Bathroom Set

AE-811 Bathroom Set

AE-812 Bathroom Set

AE-812 Bathroom Set

We are offering here the AE-812 Bathroom Set that is made of high quality metal. The set is suitable for being used in commercial and residential bathrooms. The sets typically consist of a wastebasket, soap dish, tissue box, lotion dispenser, tumbler and toothbrush holder. When shopping for bath decor sets, look at the scope of the collection. This set comes complete with 1 pump-top hand soap dispenser, 1 toothbrush holder (with 2 toothbrush slots and 1toothpaste slot). The offered set is very effective and made for easy handling. The AE-812 Bathroom Set is highly attractive and easy to clean.

AE-813 Bathroom Set

AE-814 Bathroom Set

AE-815 Bathroom Set

AE-816 Bathroom Set

AE-817 Bathroom Set


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